Friday, 30 September 2011

Bacon and Leek Quiche

Well, with the recent drastic change in temperatures, I thought I would make the most of it and bake what I would call a 'classic summer supper'. If it had been a particularly humid day, mum had been at work, dad had taken us to feed the ducks, you could guarantee that for dinner we would have a nice fresh salad (we weren't children who were scared of veg!) with a gorgeous home made quiche. Also, every single birthday party we had you could assume there would be a range of quiches on the table! So, here is my version of a classic bacon and leek quiche....give it a go! 



(This quiche will fit any tin between 8-10inches)

Filling                                                                                        Pastry
6 bacon rashers                                                                         175g plain flour
1 average leek                                                                            115g butter (room temp)
3 large mushrooms                                                                    2 egg yolks
300ml milk (or double cream if you are feeling indulgent)    Pinch of salt
3 eggs AND 2 extra yolks
Black pepper
Grated cheese (enough to cover the top)

1. Start by making the pastry - sift the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl and mix. Add the butter and using your finger tips rub the ingredients until they form breadcrumbs. Add one egg yolk to the mix and combine using your hands until you can roll the pastry into a ball. Leave the pastry to rest for 20mins in the mixing bowl and cover with a cloth. Pre heat the oven to 200degreesC.

2. On a floured work surface roll the pastry out until even in thickness and round to fit your size tart dish. Using your rolling pin, lift the pastry on top of the tin and lightly press the pastry so that it fits the dish. Cut off any excess and use to bulk up thinner areas of the pastry case. Using a fork, lightly press the base several times. Cover the case with baking paper and fill with baking beans/rice and blind bake for 20mins. 

3. Remove the baking paper and beans/rice from the tin. Using the additional egg yolk, lightly brush the pastry case with the egg. This will firm up the pastry case to avoid the dreaded 'soggy bottom' syndrome. DO NOT use the egg wash on the top part of the pastry - only the insides. Place back in the oven and cook for another 3-4 mins when the pastry will begin to crisp and look golden. 

4. Cut the bacon strips into small pieces and lightly fry (or if you have a separate oven and grill, grill it) until the fat turns clear. Prepare and chop the leek and mushrooms. In another mixing bowl whisk the milk (or cream) with the 3 eggs and 2 extra yolks until combined. Season with black pepper. 

5. Remove the pastry case from the oven and layer the bacon pieces on the bottom of the tin. Arrange the leeks and mushroom to your aesthetic taste and then pour the milk and egg mixture over the ingredients. DO NOT be tempted to press the leeks/mushrooms down as they will be soggy when you tuck into your quiche. Also, DO NOT be tempted to over fill your quiche - this will result in the liquid pouring out of the case, making the case soggy and burning in certain areas. Cover the quiche with cheese and cook for 15mins.

6. After 15mins reduce the oven temperature to 180degreesC and bake for a further 20mins. Your quiche will look golden, smell divine, and be very hot!!


I love my quiche cold, with pickles, salads and fresh beetroot. This is the perfect summer recipe as it is very light with a perfect filling:pastry ratio and can easily be adapted to personal tastes. Great to share with friends and family whilst enjoying the sun - perfect if you fancy a spot of 'high tea'. These photos honestly don't do it justice, trust me, it's gorrrrrgeous....well, try it yourself!

Bon Appetit!!

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