Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mississippi Mud Pie

You know when you just have one of those days where the weather is awful, you have no money and you are sooo bored you could literally, drive yourself around the bend, well, this recipe is for those kind of days! When the only thing that will cure you is sheer gluttony, bring on the Mississippi Mud Pie!!!!

(This is a double bonus recipe, as if you just make the "pastry" (more of a biscuit) case then you have some very scrummy bourbon biscuits).

Also, just to prewarn you, this recipe made a 10inch tart, plus two little individual tarts, so either get the family round, or be prepared to eat Mississippi Mud Pie for 3/4 days running!!



Pastry                                                 Filling
250g plain flour                                   175g butter
2 tbsp cocoa powder                          250g light brown sugar
140g butter                                         4 eggs, beaten
2 tbsp caster sugar                             150g chocolate (I prefer milk, but dark will make a nice and rich filing)
2 tbsp cold water                               300ml single cream

For Decoration: You can either use 425ml double cream, whipped and spread over the top of the tart OR for a slightly "healthier" alternative use single cream and pour over individual servings. It is too rich to have without the cream. I also grated chocolate on top to make it look pretty.

1. Make the pastry first. Sift the flour and cocoa powder into a large mixing bowl. Rub in the butter using your fingertips until the mixture begins to resemble breadcrumbs. Stir in the sugar and a little bit of the water, gradually adding more until the consistency becomes solid, but not too sticky. Wrap in cling film and chill for 15mins.

2. Roll out the pastry on a LIGHTLY floured surface (too much flour will cause the pastry to dry out and crack). Do not over work the pastry and don't stress that your hands become oily. Once you have rolled out the pastry line your 10inch tart tin. Do not roll your pastry too thin because it will burn easily due to high sugar content. Cover the tart with baking paper and 'blind bake' using baking beans (if you are posh) or if you are like me, you have a secret stash of risotto rice that you always say you will use (but never do) that will do the trick perfectly! Cook in a preheated oven at 190degreesC for 15mins. Remove the beans/rice and cook for a further 10mins. At this stage the pastry should all look the same 'shade' of colour and be cooked to the same degree.

3. Filling time! Beat the butter and sugar in a bowl and gradually add the beaten eggs with the cocoa. Melt the chocolate in a glass/pyrex dish above a pan of hot water. Once there are no lumps, remove from the heat and allow to cool a little. (Adding hot chocolate to the eggs will cause the eggs to scramble - not what you want!) Whisk in the single cream.

4. Reduce the oven temp by 30degreesC. Pour the mixture into the pastry case. Do not be afraid to fill the case quite generously as when the tart cools, the filling will sink. Bake for a further 45mins - 1hour. You can tell when the tart is cooked as the filling will be light and soft to the touch. If you press firmly and an oily residue is released - it needs about 10mins longer and the middle is still liquidy. Do not be afraid to keep prodding as you can cover it with cream later! Allow to cool COMPLETELY.

5. Decorate your tart however you wish and transfer to the fridge if you want a more "fudgey" texture to the tart.


So, that's it! Quite a simple recipe and a great one to start with if you are anxious about using pastry. It is a gorgeous looking pudding - great if you are trying to impress the inlaws, but also great if you want to over indulge with your feet up watching episodes of 'Friends' on repeat!

Bon Appetit!

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