Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Apple and Cinnamon Crumble

Right, so I bought some cooking apples recently and noticed they were going slightly brown, so (not wanting to waste them) I thought I would try and make them into a crumble.  Must admit, I was a bit anxious about making a crumble, as whenever I see someone make one on 'Come Dine with Me' or other 'non professional' cookery programmes, they always seem to go wrong, even though the recipe seems pretty simple. After researching recipes, I was quite happy at adapting and cross referencing two recipes to make my own version of an Apple and Cinnamon crumble.


Basically, I messed it up!!! So I won't be sharing the recipe with you. I'm going to keep on trying and adapting it until I am happy with it. 

It didn't look bad...but I think the apple:crumble ratio was waaaaay off! Too many apples, not enough crumble. Also, when making the crumble I didn't think it was 'crumbly' enough, meaning either I was using too much butter or not enough flour. And I think I got a bit too 'spice' happy with the cinnamon as I added it to the apples and the crumble. Parts of the crumble were too lumpy meaning some bits were raw and some were over cooked. Also, the apple had a distinct taste of apple sauce (was wondering were my roast pork was!!) ...maybe not enough sugar?

PROPER DISASTER!! But, like I said, it doesn't look too bad!? If anyone has any ideas on how to make the perfect crumble, PLEEEEEASE share. I hate getting things wrong. Looks like Andy and I will be eating different versions of crumbles for now until....forever!!

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