Sunday, 2 October 2011

Review: Lakeland Square Roasting and Baking Tin

Second review for my blog, here we go! 

So, after having borrowed my flatmates roasting dish for the last 18months I thought it was about time that I bought my own. I love roast potatoes and I know that the longer you keep your roasting oil, the more flavoursome it becomes so I hate having to chuck my oil after every batch of roast potatoes I do. I knew it was time to invest!! Also, Andy's favourite sweet is caramel shortbread and he has been pretty persistent about me giving it a go. Turns out I had all the ingredients in the cupboard...all I needed was a square tin. After a little research I found the perfect non-stick tin that could handle both jobs....

I located my local lakeland (Eldon Square, Newcastle) and my friend will tell you, I was like a kiddie in a sweet shop!! So much to look at and the ideas just started rolling. Thought this tin was a bargain at only £8.29. It's a 23cm square, 4cm deep and has got 2 layers of Quantum 2 non-stick coating, (perfect for me and my MANY sticky mistakes!) also, it's heavy duty, suitable for fridges, freezers and dishwashers. I've used it twice now - once for home roasties and once for a caramel shortbread. It's done a fab job both times and the non-stick is extremely helpful. Would definitely by another piece of baking/cooking apparatus from the lakeland range.

Rating: 5/5 

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